Create booking calendars for massage parlours on WordPress websites

KD-Web-Design creates your customer appointments - booking calendar for you

How to stay in control of your customer data

Would you also like your customers to be able to book appointments for massages or even a hairdressing appointment independently and conveniently from their PC or mobile phone?

We would be happy to help you with this!

The advantages are obvious: it saves you a lot of manpower, time and ultimately money. So you can take care of the important things in your business much more intensively. Often annoying calls from customers who just want to quickly book an appointment with you can be cleverly redirected to your website. Your website and server are always ready to handle tasks anyway, why not take care of the appointment calendar and bookings as well?

After booking a new customer appointment, you, your employees and your customer conveniently receive a confirmation by e-mail with all the important details of the appointment.

In addition, you can easily view, change and, if necessary, cancel all appointments in the administration section (backend) of your website.

And what should not be underestimated: Your data remains only with YOU! No other company has access to your valuable customer contacts and customer data. Because data is the new gold!

Buchungskalender einrichten lassen - mehr Kunden gewinnen

Image: Example of a booking system: Here, the customer data is entered in several steps and is thus clearer.

Buchungskalender einrichten lassen - mehr Kunden gewinnen

Image: The booking calendar is in step 2 in this example.

Buchungskalender einrichten lassen - mehr Kunden gewinnen

Image: Overview of booked appointments as a list overview in the backend of your own page; customer data remains with you.

Dramatically reduce costs for your booking system now!

The most important point for entrepreneurs, besides the benefits, is the cost of a booking system. With regular and external booking system providers, you easily pay 500.00 to 800.00 euros per year just for regular use!

You can save these costs easily and relaxed, because you no longer need an external provider.

The booking system runs directly on your server / hosting service of your already existing WordPress website. Or you can have a completely new and fast website created by KD-Web-Design. This way, all components, i.e. images, texts, plug-ins, the booking system, a fast page cache for very short loading times, fit together perfectly right from the start.

Let us take care of your pages professionally: updates, data backups for emergencies, data updates, such as opening hours and prices are no problem.

As mentioned above, with us and your new automatic appointment booking system, you can concentrate even better on your core business and serve your customers even better with the services they really need.

Buchungskalender einrichten lassen - mehr Kunden gewinnen

Image: Overview of the booked appointments as a calendar overview in the backend of your own page.

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Request your personal offer for your new booking system today!

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A few words about accessibility: in addition to contacting us via email or our contact form, you can also reach us via line messenger for Android, Apple and Chrome browser, free of charge and with many comfort functions.

The Line Messenger is a frequently used messaging service in Asia and opens up a new view of this part of our world for you — than just be brave and install it right away!

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What can you expect from us in the next post?

In the next web design blog posts, we will introduce you to our topics and fields of activity in a little more detail.

In addition to web design and website support, this also includes setting up an online shop. We like to use WordPress and WooCommerce for this, or if a more extensive merchandise management system is required, also with JTL-Shop and JTL-Wawi from JTL-Software.

We look forward to it!

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