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For over 20 years, we have specialised in web design and have gained a wealth of experience with web design and the set-up and operation of online shops in Germany.

Would you also like to run your own online shop to reach more customers and increase your sales?

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What types of online shops can we set up for you?

We have had the best experiences with 2 completely different webshops. The most important and biggest difference is essentially the type of connection, the number of articles and the range of functions.

For online shops for which only a small number of articles and a moderate number of orders are expected, we recommend setting up a WordPress-based webshop with a connected WooCommerce shop.

If you need a webshop with many articles and numerous options for managing customers, articles, many automations, statistical evaluations and other sophisticated tools, such as shipping or goods procurement, then we recommend the JTL shop as the system basis.

What are the advantages of a WooCommerce online shop?

With WooCommerce, you can set up a well-functioning online shop quickly and relatively easily. The operation is done via the so-called “backend”. You simply open the administration of your WooCommerce online shop in the browser of your choice on your computer.

This area is of course protected with a freely selectable password and also offers further safeguards against unauthorised access.

In the open backend, you create new items, manage and modify your existing products.

Here you also manage your customers, orders and send your goods and vouchers. Everything you need to run your online shop can be achieved in this way.

Additional and easy-to-integrate programmes, so-called “plug-ins”, allow you to add new functions and tools to the online shop that can make your work easier.


Image: Example of a customer order management in the backend of WordPress and WooCommerce.

What advantages does an online shop based on JTL software offer?

The JTL software for online shops essentially consists of 2 important parts: the JTL shop and the JTL-Wawi, the merchandise management.

The JTL shop and the JTL Wawi work seamlessly together and can also be synchronised automatically. This way, numerous tasks can be simplified and accelerated. Especially recurring processes can be shortened and enormous costs can be saved.

The JTL software regulates purchasing, article and offer maintenance, sales and multi-channel sales, order processing and payments as well as warehouse and shipping organisation. The merchandise management system JTL-Wawi is at the centre of this.

Here you can find out even more and numerous details about the JTL software.

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Feel free to request your personal offer for your new online shop today!

Simply contact us via the already widespread line messenger, which you can use to send us messages, screenshots, pictures and videos or simply call us free of charge.

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What can you expect from us in the next post?

In the next web design blog posts, we will introduce you to our topics and fields of activity in a little more detail.

In addition to web design and website support, this also includes setting up an online shop. We like to use WordPress and WooCommerce for this, or if a more extensive merchandise management system is required, also with JTL-Shop and JTL-Wawi from JTL-Software.

We look forward to it!

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